Thursday, September 8, 2011

Spoiler Alert #7

It's all-new DC, all the time! Our explosive new episode is practically overflowing with discussions of the following new issues:

Flashpoint #5 (2:03-16:50)
Justice League #1 (17:00-31:50)
Action Comics #1 (31:50-40:25)
Animal Man #1 (40:25-46:30)
Batgirl #1 (46:35-59:45)
Detective Comics #1 (59:46-1:07:45)
Justice League International #1 (1:07:50-1:17:17)
StormWatch #1 (1:17:27-1:28:10)
Swamp Thing #1 (1:31:00-1:39:50)
O.M.A.C. #1 (1:41:15-1:43:00)
Men of War #1 (1:43:00-1:50:30)

Plus, after taking a look at next week's books, Brandon tears (literally) into Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1! Also in this episode: Blake and Eric fight over JLI, while Marc laments Swamp Thing and Miguel swoons over Yanick Paquette. Stay smokin', listeners!

You know the drill, right? If not, either click the play button above or download the episode here (right click and save)!

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